The Perfect Excavation

Does it exist?

We think it does... in fact it happens all the time! There are ten simple steps to the perfect excavation:

  1. The excavator gets a job request, visits the site, and marks proposed excavation locations with white paint.
  2. The excavator completes a Location Request Information Sheet and calls in the stakeout request to Dig Safely New York.
  3. The Dig Safely New York customer service representative takes the information, and gives the excavator a reference number and list of members notified. The excavator records the information on the Location Request Information Sheet.
  4. The excavator notifies any non-member utilities and reminds them to join Dig Safely New York so the excavator will not have to contact them separately in the future.
  5. Each member utility either clears or marks their facilities at the proposed excavation site.
  6. Each member utility contacts the excavator to inform them of a complete stakeout or to request a meeting. The excavator checks off the response from each utility on the Location Request Information Sheet.
  7. The excavator begins work on the scheduled date and time, taking care to preserve any underground facility markings.
  8. When digging near a buried facility, the excavator observes the tolerance zone around the facility.
  9. To avoid damage, the excavator provides proper support and protection when exposing a facility.
  10. When the excavation is complete, the excavator provides proper backfill for any facilities previously exposed.