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Closing the loop / Positive Response
Failure To Respond
The Five Steps
Working on Private Property

Each facility operator identified on your one call ticket is required to contact you prior to your stated commencement date. They should inform you that either their facilities in your excavation area have been marked, or they have no facilities in the proposed excavation area. It is important to note, facility operators are only required to mark out the facilities they own and operate. Privately owned facilities may be your responsibility.

By law, a facility operator can delay marking out your excavation site a maximum of two (2) full working days from the excavation's start date. However, the operator must contact you before that delay, and any delay beyond two (2) working days will require your consent.

If you do not hear from a facility operator identified on your stake-out request before your stated commencement date, you can either call the facility operator's contact number identified in your stake out worksheet, or call Dig|Safely. New York to have one of our Customer Service Representatives re-issue the location indicating the need for a positive response from a specific facility operator.