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Dig Safely New York Membership
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def: Facility Operator.

Any person who operates an underground facility in order to furnish any of the following services or materials: Electricity, Gases, Steam, Liquid Petroleum Products, Telephone or telegraph communications, cable television, sewage removal, traffic control systems, or water.

The above definition from NYCRR Part 753 is a good indicator if you should join Dig|Safely. New York as a member.

Joining Dig|Safely. New York has many obvious advantages -

Dig|Safely. New York has introduced a free cost structure based on the Manditory Membership clause introduced in 1995 for selected entities.

Municipal entities, Authorities, and Water companies with fewer than 4000 subscribers ("Exempt Participating Members") are given one free basic-service area. Includes a geodatabase (place, grid or polygon), ticket-type routing and automated delivery of one copy of the stake-out. Additional delivery options may be purchased for additional cost.

For more information on protecting your facilities with Dig|Safely. New York, call our helpdesk at 1-800-309-8289 during normal business hours.