12 Days of Giveaways




Contest runs from December 7 - December 22 • Monday - Friday, Only

You must be a current or new i-Notice user to be entered to win.


Drawings will be done at the close of business each day.
There will be a new drawing and winner each day.


Current i-Notice users*

Place a location request online through the i-Notice program and be
automatically entered to win for each request submitted for that day.


Not an i-Notice users?**

Sign up for a new i-Notice account and be automatically entered twice
on the day you sign up.



*Current i-Notice users are entered per location request submitted per day
(i.e., if you submit 10 location requests on Wednesday, December 14, you will be
entered 10 times for Wednesday's drawing)


**New users who sign up to utilize the i-Notice program will be entered twice on the
day they sign-up. Following the initial sign up, current user rules apply. (See Current i-Notice User rules above.)