Damage Prevention Conference & Expo - Sponsorship Opportunities

Highlight your organization and place it front and center of an expected attendee gathering of hundreds of professional contractors and excavators over a two-day period. Partner with Dig Safely New York as it promotes safe digging practices and damage prevention in scenic Saratoga County. You’ll have an opportunity to feature your organization, products, and services to other organizations and individuals with a vested interest in safety and damage prevention. Choices range from Track Sponsorships to Lunch Sponsorships, to having your logo placed on every pen and notebook given out, to Sail Flags lining the walkways that carry attendees to and from the various venues at the Fairgrounds. Opportunities, including exclusive offers, are reasonably priced and available on a first-come, first-served basis simply by filling out the form by clicking the button below.

​​​​​​​Ad/Program Sponsor

$50/$75/$100 Unlimited

Make an impact in our event program!

Quarter page, Half page and full-page ad space available!


Bag Sponsor 

$1,000 Exclusive 

Get your logo on the swag bag!
Our Bag Sponsor will have their logo displayed on nylon drawstring bags provided to every attendee. These bags are used by attendees long after the conference ends and are a great way to make a lasting impression! 

Area Sponsor

Completed sponsor form for pricing

The Saratoga County Fairgrounds venue offers a unique opportunity and space for companies to bring in their equipment and showcase it to hundreds of interested individuals and organizations. Take advantage of the sponsorship opportunity and have your company stand out and be prominently featured in an area that’s sure to draw lots of interest. If interested, please fill out the sponsorship form and your local Field Representative will contact you with additional details and pricing. 

Dining Areas Sponsor

$2,000 Exclusive

Have your organization prominently featured in the designated dining area where participants will relax and enjoy a delicious lunch and socializing/networking opportunities. You’ll receive a large banner displayed in the dining area, and be included on signage on all of the dining tables.  In addition, your organization will be provided a free table in the exhibitor area, giving you an opportunity to highlight your products and services in an informal setting.

Flag Sponsor 

$500 Unlimited 

Create greater awareness by having your company brand/logo on sail flags that line the walkways for hundreds of attendees to see. As an added bonus, you can take the flag with you once the conference has ended and have it for your own promotional use. 

Lunch Sponsor 

Completed sponsor form for pricing

Take ownership and credit for the best part of the day—a delicious Chicken BBQ lunch with all
the fixin’s provided free to all attendees. Your organization will be recognized with a large banner at the food distribution area, tabletop signs indicating your sponsorship, and a free table in our exhibitor area.  In addition, you have the opportunity to provide brochures or other literature for placement at all dining tables. If interested, please fill out the sponsorship form and your local Field Representative will contact you with additional details and pricing. 


Notebook & Pen Sponsor 

$3,000 Exclusive 

Little known fact; after the backhoe, the most widely used tool on the job site is the pen!

Get your company logo on one for every attendee to see. Whether they are taking notes or doodling, all of our attendees will see your company logo when they flip open their *insert your company name* Notepad.


​​​​​​​Registration/Welcome Sponsor 

$2,500 Exclusive

First impressions are important!
Be the first to greet attendees as
they arrive. This sponsorship includes signage prominently displayed in
the area where all attendees must register for the event. In addition,
your company logo will receive prominent placement on our attendee registration page, which must be utilized to attend, and will be printed on lanyards given to all attendees during registration. An exhibit table will also be provided in the vendor area. 

T-shirt Sponsor 

$100 Unlimited 

Create a lasting impression by
having your company name printed, “concert tour” style, on the back of
t-shirts given to all attendees.
​​​​​​​You’ll create greater brand awareness as participants return to their home regions throughout the state and wear them at home and/or the job site. 


Track Sponsor

$2,500 Exclusive one per track (five available)

Sponsor an educational Track! Track Sponsors will have exclusive access to attendees within a specific educational track. A large banner with your company logo or message will be displayed in front of the building hosting the track for all to see. Sponsors will be provided the opportunity to address attendees within the track at various times throughout the day and set up an informational table within the classroom as well as an additional exhibit table in the vendor area. 

Water Sponsor

$1,000 Exclusive

The first days of September are not far from the Dog Days of Summer, when temperatures are near their peak. Create an impression with
the several hundred appreciative attendees as they see your name and/or logo on signage every time they grab a water bottle at the
several water stations located
​​​​​​​within the venue.

Hand Sanitizer Station Sponsor 

$500 Per location

Let attendees know that safety is your top priority by becoming our 2021 Hand Sanitizer Station Sponsor! This sponsor receives logo and company information on sanitizer stations placed around the event. As the sponsor, you are responsible for providing the product for each table.


$250* Unlimited

Receive a 6’ exhibit table in our vendor area to show off your company information and supplies to attendees, and generate leads for potential sales. Each of the 5 educational tracks will include 1 hour of vendor time for a more personal exhibit approach in a large conference setting.

*There will be an additional cost if electricity is needed.