811 Before You Dig

Placing a Location Request

Whether you call or use our online Location Request program, Dig Safely New York needs the following information to create a location request.

  • Excavator company name and telephone number
  • Contact's name
  • Client name
  • Contact name, telephone number, and e-mail address for questions and location results
  • County and place of excavation according to legally incorporated municipal boundaries (Note: this is not the city of that location's postal address)
  • Street address of excavation location
  • Name of nearest intersecting street on either side of excavation location
  • Date and time excavation is scheduled to begin
  • Expected duration of excavation
  • Description of where on property excavation will take place, including distance from road
  • Type of work to be performed (e.g., blasting, drilling, directional boring)
  • Type of equipment to be used to perform work
  • Approximate size of excavation area (length, width, depth)
  • Any special instructions

Our Damage Prevention Representatives (DPRs) will need this information to complete the location request. Our Location Request Information Sheet contains the questions our DPRs will ask during the call. 

Once the information is gathered, you will be provided with:

  • Serialized reference number that you and member utilities can use to refer to this request
  • A list of member utilities that will receive the stake-out request

Keep this information for your records, so you can confirm your request and that you have received a response from all notified member utilities prior to starting your work. You will immediately receive an e-mail containing all the request information, but the conversation between you and the Dig Safely New York DPR is recorded and archived for your protection, should any questions arise.

Regular and Emergency Requests

Dig Safely New York receives all types of location requests from excavators from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Outside of business hours (i.e., nights, weekends, and holidays), we are able to receive emergency and regular location requests only.

Emergency location requests are for situations that require immediate excavation to prevent or resolve an immediate threat to life, property, or public welfare. While most operators will respond, most are not required to respond to emergency requests, with the primary exceptions of gas and petroleum companies. The law states, however, that the excavator is responsible whether an operator has responded or not, or whether a facility was marked out or not.

There is no such thing as a scheduled emergency. Dig Safely New York can only accept an emergency location request if the excavation crew is on-site and ready to dig.

Survey and Design Requests

If an excavation will require crossing or placing a facility, survey and design requests are needed. The facility owner may have plans to add or change buried facilities, or may have requirements regarding the following:

  • Location of cable or pipes
  • Exposing facilities
  • Placing facilities near another facility

Dig Safely New York currently allows excavators to submit Survey and Design Requests via Exactix or by calling the operations center at 1-800-962-7962.

Callers must still contact the affected companies directly; however, Dig Safely New York will identify those affected companies and inform them of the design request, and provide the caller with a contact number for those affected companies. These contacts are often engineering departments that may be able to supply "as-built" maps and charts, which are more accurate.

Other Information

  • Dig Safely New York treats towns, villages, cities, and hamlets as if they are completely separate.
  • The person placing the location request is considered the final authority regarding any information given. Our CSRs do not decide correct place names, street names, etc. If they suspect something is incorrect, it will be communicated to the person placing the location request, but it is not their job to know.
  • When a location request is placed 2 full working days in advance of excavation, it does not include the day the request is made.
  • A location request should not be placed more than 10 working days before the proposed start date.
  • Dig Safely New York can only contact the utilities that belong to it as members.
  • We do not have the ability to shut off gas, electric, or water services at a site. Contact utilities directly to have such services terminated.
  • When working on private property, be aware that some buried facilities may be owned by the property owner and may be unmarked. When survey and design requests are needed, the location of the cable or pipes may only be part of the story if crossing or placing a facility. The facility owner may have requirements on exposing, placing other facilities near, etc., or planning to add or change their buried facilities in the future. Planning a job without all of this information may cause insufficient placing requirements, and cause delays and increased expense at the time of the job.