Placing a Location Request

The information Dig Safely New York needs to create a location request is fairly straightforward. If the excavator has their information ready and correct, placing a location request with Dig Safely New York can take as little as 60 to 90 seconds! Please note, the items on this page are not necessarily in the order Dig Safely New York will ask for them.

Dig Safely New York has format pads with all of these questions you can fill out prior to placing your location request, to help you gather this information and keep track of your stake-out requests. In addition, you can click here to display a blank format sheet that you can print right now!

Things we'll need to know about you

  • The excavator's company name
  • The excavator's address, telephone and fax number
  • The contact's name
  • Who the work is being done for, when appropriate
  • A person and telephone number member utilities can call with questions about the request
  • A person and telephone number member utilities can call with their stake-out results
  • A working email address will make your life a LOT easier. No, we will not sell it

Things we'll need to know about the excavation

  • The county and place (town, village or city) of the excavation according to legally incorporated municipal boundries Note this is not the same thing as the "city" of that location's postal address!
  • The street address of the excavation, and remember to provide the FULL street name(s)!
  • The name of the nearest intersecting street on either side of the excavation
  • The date and time the excavation is scheduled to begin, how long it is expected to last
  • A description of where, on the property, the work is to be performed and details about the extent of the excavation
  • The type of work being done, and the type of equipment being used to do it
  • The approximate size of the dig area (length, width, depth)
  • If you will be blasting, drilling, or directional boring
  • If you will be within 25 feet of the road's edge
  • Any special instructions

Our friendly and courteous Dig Safely New York Damage Prevention Representatives (DPR) will ask you for this information to complete the location request. Once all the information has been gathered, the DPR will give you a serialized reference number you and the member utilities can use to refer to this request at later dates. Save this number! You will also be given a list of member utilities receiving this stake-out request. It is a good idea to write down this list so you can confirm you have heard back from all notified member utilities prior to starting your work. The conversation between you and the Dig Safely New York DPR is recorded and archived for your protection, should any questions arise.

If you provided a working email address, you will immediately be sent a "what happens next" email that includes the reference number and the list of affected utilities, details on what you should to expect to occur and when, and utility contact information that you can use if things aren't going correctly. That email address will then be used to notify you when all of the utilities have completed the stakeout process, instead of you needing to periodically check a website for status.

Common pitfalls and things to avoid

  • Dig Safely New York manages the entirety of New York State, except for the New York City and Long Island area.
  • Dig Safely New York treats Towns, Villages, Cities and Hamlets as if they are completely separate. Placing a location request for the Village of Manlius, for example, will not notify any members in the surrounding town.
  • Dig Safely New York considers the person placing the location request to be the final authority on any information given. It is not the function of our DPRs to decide correct place names, street names, etc. If they see something suspicious, they will warn you, but if you insist...
  • Remember that two full working days does not include the day you place the location request.
  • Remember your location request should not be placed more than ten working days ahead of your proposed start date.
  • Dig Safely New York can only contact the utilities that belong to it as members. Ideally, every operator of a buried facility should be a member of Dig Safely New York, but this is not yet the case. Until that day arrives, you must notify any non-member utilities yourself, and tell them to join when you call them.
  • If you are performing a demolition, placing a location request with Dig Safely New York has nothing to do with having gas, electric or water services terminated at the site! Always remember to contact utilities directly to have such services terminated.
  • Many utilities do not mark private service lines to a building or house because they are owned by the property owner - not the utility! If you are working on private property, work with the property owner to determine the location of any buried service lines.