Homeowners: Flags & Markings

Once you have placed a Location Request with Dig Safely New York either online using Exactix or by calling 811, you will have a two-day waiting period before you can begin digging for your project. During this time the utilities that were notified about your project will come out and mark where the lines that they own are on your property. This is done by placing flags and or paint markings on the ground where you plan to dig.

How does this affect you?

All utilities use the same Uniform Color Code for marking underground lines. When you see colored flags and/or paint on the ground they are there to identify each utility that is located underground. This helps the person digging know where to be cautious when digging so you don’t damage an underground utility line.

Before you start digging

Do not start digging for any home improvement project until you have confirmed all notified utilities have responded to the Location Request.
Seeing markings on your property does not mean you are cleared to begin.

Help the locators and if hired, the contractor and their crews know where to start their work by marking the full project site with white paint and/or flags prior to placing your Location Request. Avoid using colors that could be confused with the standard color codes.

Standard Color Codes

Paint, flags, or stakes indicating the presence of a buried facility will correspond to the colors and the utility listed below.






Survey Marking

Proposed Excavation

Reclaimed Water/Irrigation