2018 Annual Meeting — President's Letter

We are evolving to meet the needs of the industry, and we are doing it together. The Dig Safely New York Board of Directors is an esteemed group of sixteen (16) accomplished individuals, each representing various stakeholder groups and utilities. I think I speak for each representative when I say that it is an exciting time to be in a leadership role for this nonprofit. Ideas imagined years ago have gained momentum and there has already been growth in every area of the organization, including education, technology, and customer services

The 2017 year found Dig Safely New York continuing to thrive and prosper. We reached historic highs of location request volume exceeding half a million and increased utilization of web services at more than 40%. Attendance at our cornerstone educational events – the annual Excavator Safety Seminars – surpassed ten (10) years of attendance numbers for a grand total of 3,672 attendees, and we closed our books again with a net gain financially. Our programs and services provided to members and customers, alike, are constantly being refined to reflect the needs of today and the predictable future in the excavation industry. In short, Dig Safely New York serves to define and build the future of the one-call process. 

While the strategic vision for the organization won’t happen overnight, the progress I have seen since I became the President of the Board of Directors has displayed that the operational agility of this nonprofit is truly remarkable. 

Each year, Dig Safely New York takes time to reflect. Through this year’s annual report, we recognize the work of the organization, and the members and customers it supports, throughout New York State.The Board of Directors and the entire staff at Dig Safely New York, work with a passion for doing what’s right and what’s responsible for our stakeholders and the communities in which we live. 

We take our roles within the damage prevention arena very seriously. We continue to look for collaborative alliances and partnerships to create bonds within our communities and strengthen the damage prevention message. Together, we have and will continue to position Dig Safely New York on a firm foundation, as we look forward to the growth yet to be witnessed in the 2018 year; a year with even stronger performance and focused improvement.


Laurie Brown