2018 Excavator Safety Seminar Recap

The 12th Annual Dig Safely New York Excavator Safety Seminars came to an end on March 29, 2018.

The nine (9) events brought 3,320 attendees throughout the state to the program.

During the nine (9) educational events, Dig Safely New York implemented a new, fresh presentation with interactive components that engaged the attendees, and also clearly illustrated the best practices of safe digging in accordance with Code Rule 753. A new survey, which was given on a voluntary basis throughout the seminar by staff, was also facilitated. 1,325 surveys were conducted of the 3,320 attendees, which is about 40% return rate.

A few survey highlights from the combined results:

  • 41.54% of respondents said it was their first time attending a Dig Safely New York seminar.
  • 74.55% of respondents said their experience at the event was moderately better or better than expected.
  • 66.62% of respondents said they found the information presented very useful and were leaving with a wealth of information.
  • 66.01% of respondents said that the Dig Safely New York staff were great presenters.
  • 82.25% of respondents said that they will likely or will absolutely be back next year for the 13th Annual Dig Safely New York Excavator Safety Seminars.
  • 82.55% of respondents said at least one thing at the seminar made them change the way they look at safety in their professional or personal life.

 (From the desk of Aimee Milks, Marketing and Public Relations Manager I just want to call out the last bullet. The fact that over 1,000 people that took the survey at our events said that they now change the way they view safety, is personally satisfying. It’s an incredible achievement to change safety mentality and perception, even slightly, through these events.)

The attendee’s response to Keynote Speaker, Brandon Schroeder was also positive. Schroeder, an experienced electrician of over 19 years, addressed audiences around the state on his moment of poor judgement that he still relives to this day. On August 24, 2011, Brandon survived an arc flash explosion — an explosion that should have wielded fatal results. All because he gave into pressure from his boss to get the job done, resulting in his discussions to not call or wait for the utility company to respond.

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