2018 Sitting for Safety Bench and Tree Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 Sitting for Safety Tree & Bench Contest winners!

  1. Cazenovia Community Preschool nominated by Maria Barrett
    “Cazenovia Community Preschool is a nonprofit school that has been serving Cazenovia and surrounding area for close to 50 years. At the heart of our program is the safety and wellbeing of the many precious children in our care each day. We are committed to keeping them, as well as our school property protected from any potential dangers that could occur in and around our building.Each school year we take part in landscaping/planting projects in order to make improvements around our school and playground area. We know that in doing so there are potential safety risks involved. Cazenovia Community Preschool is grateful for the important service Dig Safely New York provides to ensure that we as a school remain safe before we even attempt to break ground. The vital information, resources, and education that Dig Safely New Yorksupplies ensures a safe digging environment, which in turn protects our students.

    We dig safely for our precious students who are the future! We owe it to them, to give them a safe and secure environment where they can grow and thrive."
  2.  Charter Communications nominated by Bruce Hickson
    “We dig safely because you never know what is underground. It could be old utilities, like a gas line. You just never know – so always dig safely and call 811!”
  3. City of Ogdensburg’s Department of Public Works nominated by Scott Thornhill
    “So we can ensure that everyone goes home at the end of the day!”
  4. Dan Bobik
    “I dig safely so I don't hit a gas line and injure myself.”
  5. Eggan Excavating & Equipment Co., Inc. nominated by Jo Coleman
    “As an excavating company, we know the importance of digging safely.  We always contact 811 to protect our workers and our neighbors.”
  6. Heather Brenneman
    “I dig safely to protect my family. ”
  7. Joseph Waz nominated by Leon Hacker
    Digs safely because “it’s the law!”
  8. New Lebanon Central School District nominated by Darcy Construction
    “We dig safely to protect the safety of our crew and all other members of the community we are working in.”
  9. NYS Canal Corporation nominated by Linda McInerney 
    “The New York State Canal Corporation does many projects including dredging, signage, fence installation and we want our employees to go home safe every day.”
  10. Marcy Elementary School nominated by Richard Clarke 
    “At home I dig safe to protect my family and property. At work, I dig safely to protect all parties involved, including, but not limited to, the workers actually performing the work and the traveling public going by the job site.”
  11. Saratoga Sign Pros Inc. nominated by Judith Frolish
    “I dig safely to make sure we disturb the neighborhood as little as possible. We don't want to injure or disrupt the lives of people or pets near our construction area. They would be inconvenienced or maybe endangered if we cut a gas line, electrical service, or even a cable line. People depend on those services for medical equipment, calling 911, staying warm or cool to be safe and comfortable. Using Dig Safely New York is just being responsible, avoiding these bad consequences and keeping everyone safe.”
  12. The Buffalo News South Crew nominated by Peter T. Clancy
    “We dig safely to protect our property and ourselves.”
  13. Stony Point Fire Department - Wayne Hose Co. nominated by Kurt Mulligan
    “We promote Dig Safely New York to help our neighbors in the community avoid unnecessary loses of life and property. If we can avoid an emergency before it happens, our job is complete.”
  14. T&K Harrington LLC nominated by Sue Knapp
    “We dig safely because we are a contractor and our business requires us to comply with New York State regulations. Dig Safely New York’s services ensure that our workers, customers, and the public are all safe and secure as we are conducting our work, which involves digging.”
  15. Tanglewood Elementary nominated by Brad Simon
    “I dig safely to protect my family, neighbors, and to set the example for my son that we all have responsibilities in the community we live in.”
  16. Teresa Nickerson
    Digs safely “because it’s the safe and smart thing to do.”
  17. Williamsville Village Hall nominated by Julie Budziszewski
    Digs safely to promote “safety for all.”


Thank you to the following sponsors for helping make the Sitting for Safety Tree & Bench Contest a success! 

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