Dig Safely New York, Inc. 2014 Workplace Wellness Honoree

Dig Safely New York, Inc. was selected as a 2014 Workplace Wellness Honoree for its Fitbit Wellness Program, specifically honoring Michele Alberico, Call Center/HR Manager.


The Workplace Wellness Awards are presented by the Business Journal News Network and BizEventz. BizEventz, a division of the Business Journal News Network is the producer of the event.


Nearly 85% of Dig Safely New York’s employees participate in the Fitbit Wellness Program. For this program, each employee that agrees to participate is added to a private Fitbit Community Group. Then, Dig Safely New York implements individual and group challenges within this group throughout the year, playing on industry themes. For example, one goal was to walk at least 811 miles as a group from July 1 through August 11. There are also friendly competitions set up between Dig Safely New York and other one-call centers throughout the country.


Of the 45 employees at Dig Safely New York, 38 participate in the Fitbit Wellness Program. The Fitbits and the community group for the wellness program have really self-encouraged activity and comradery. In addition, the group allows individual’s to view their own progress, compare their progress to others within the group, and set their own daily goals regarding steps, calories, and food intake, promoting a healthier lifestyle.