Excavator Safety Seminars 2018 — Protecting Families, Communities, and Professionals with Safe Digging Best Practices


Twenty-two (22) damages have already been reported to Dig Safely New York from a handful of member utility companies from January 1, 2018, through February 18, 2018. That is 22 times in less than two months that people are being put at risk for injury, significant outages, property damages, and inconvenient prolonged delays. 

Of those 22 damages reported to Dig Safely New York’s Damage Reporting System, three (3) were the direct result of failure to contact 811 before commencing excavation work. This is significant given that a total of 25% of damages to unground facilities in New York in 2016 was caused by failing to contact 811.

These statistics are cause for alarm when failure to contact 811 or excavate safely near underground utilities can cause significant outages, injuries, property damage, and sometimes even death. By simply contacting 811 before digging, a person reduces their chance of causing a damage to an underground utility by less than 1%.

Through education, together we can protect what matters most. Join us and spread the word for community, for safety, for family.
With spring around the corner, so is nice weather, longer days, and increased digging activity. To prepare professionals for excavation season, Dig Safely New York is hosting its 12th annual Excavator Safety Seminar series. Throughout the month of March during the Excavator Safety Seminars, thousands of industry professionals and community members across the State of New York will experience premier underground prevention training on safe digging best practices.

Brandon Schroeder, Keynote Speaker 
These nine (9) events throughout upstate New York are packed with vital safety lessons, information about the New York State Code Rule 753, and region-specific information about major utilities. Keynote speaker Brandon Schroeder will also speak at each event. Schroeder understands how a moment of poor safety judgment can echo throughout a lifetime.  On August 24, 2011, Brandon survived an arc flash explosion — an explosion that should have wielded fatal results — all because he didn’t wait for a utility company to respond before commencing a job.

These split second decisions about safety happen daily and many in just an instant. And, neglectful safety habits increase the chances of making the wrong decision; a decision that may lead to effects that are impossible to undo.

To inspire attendees at the 12th Annual Excavator Safety Seminar series and increase the chance that they return home to their loved ones, Schroeder will walk through the afternoon that changed his life forever. Through sharing his thoughts and reliving his actions, he will share relatable work experiences, highlight what went wrong, and share best safety practices.

A Message from Dig Safely New York’s Kevin Hopper, Executive Director 
“Dig Safely New York’s Excavator Safety Seminars provide a needed resource across the State of New York — educating professionals and community members alike on safe digging practices and reinforcing to always contact 811 as a first step to any digging project,” said Kevin Hopper, Executive Director for Dig Safely New York, Inc. “In 2016 alone, preventable damages made to underground utilities cost the United States an estimated $1.5 billion. From new roads, bridges, or for essential resources, that money has the ability to be better spent for communities. Through preventative education and training, we can not only better protect but better provide for our loved ones and communities. We are all here as statewide partners, sharing the same daily goal — returning home safely to the ones we love.”

You’re Invited! Excavator Safety Seminars March 2018
The free Excavator Safety Seminars will take place in nine (9) locations across New York State throughout the month of March. Last year, over 3,600 guests were in attendance. For more information please visit www.DigSafelyNewYork.com/ESS

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