May 2018: What CEP (Certified Excavator Program) Means to You and Me

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What CEP (Certified Excavator Program) Means to You and Me

Protecting New York State Communities, Families, And Educating Industry Professionals, This Edition Of DIRT. Unearths Dig Safely New York, Inc.’s Certified Excavator Program (CEP).
Highlighting the importance of safe digging best practices, this four (4)-hour course provides the opportunity to experience hands-on exercises and traditional classroom style learning. Certification opportunities go past the classroom and may be completed online, at your convenience. For more information and/ or to register for a class, please visit

Digging In With Kevin Mauro Of Laborers’ Local 17 Union
For over 30 years, Kevin Mauro has been a proud advocate of Dig Safely New York and a member of the Laborers’ Local 17 Union. Twenty (20) of those years, he has worked hard to help spread safety awareness and education as a Senior Instructor. Kevin protects Local 17 Union members and communities in this position through upholding federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws and requirements.

Question 1: How Does Dig Safely New York Fit Into Your Workplace?
“From building projects to working on highways, before a shovel hits the ground we at [Laborers’ Local 17 Union] call 811 before digging. You truly never know if there is going to be a hidden utility.”

Question 2: What Has Surprised You The Most About Working With Dig Safely New York?
“I have to give [Dig Safely New York] a lot of credit for providing the new learning management system, 4iQ. Double thumbs up! It’s self-explanatory and adds no additional cost to business.”

Kevin continued highlighting the benefits of 4iQ, “We use 4iQ to educate members and help complete business in a timely and cost effective manner. Once they have become a Certified Excavator, it really streamlines our project process. 4iQ allows for myself, or the individual, to access their certification, print the certification, and receive the needed confirmation before starting work. Dig Safely New York and 4iQ helps to keep construction projects on budget and on schedule.”

Question 3: What Would You Tell Someone Who Is Looking Into Learning More From Dig Safely New York?
“Dig Safely New York’s education and resources has rocketed our industry forward. Watching the workplace evolve from a past of ‘peer checking’ to the present Certified Excavator Program, speaks volumes for the resources and services offered.” 

Question 4: What Is Your Biggest Piece Of Advice You Would Like To Share?
“We all want to go home safely at the end of the day. If we know what’s in the ground, it helps everyone. Education, there really is no choice. Before you dig, pick up the phone and call 811, Dig Safely New York — it’s the law.”



Certified Excavator Program
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