New Year, New Changes

Dig Safely New York, Inc. kicked off the New Year with many organizational changes.

First, and foremost, Kevin Hopper (former Operations Manager) assumed the role as Executive Director of the organization. Kevin has more than 13 years of experience in various capacities within Dig Safely New York. His years of knowledge and passion for the damage prevention industry, bring a vision to further enhance Dig Safely New York’s efficiency, financial stability, and position as an industry leader.

“I am committed to continuing the culture of excellence, innovation, and quality Dig Safely New York has built under its former Executive Director, Steve Wright,” Hopper said. “I recognize the importance of progress and envision clear potential for continued improvement and innovation.”

At just 38 years old, Kevin is the youngest Executive Director Dig Safely New York has had since it was established in 1969. As a part of his transition to the new Executive Director, Kevin, with Board of Directors guidance and approval, made several organization opportunities available to better support and advance Dig Safely New York structure, quality, and dedication to service.

The positions of Call Center Supervisor, Field Supervisor, CSR/Quality Assurance, and Web Services Representative were all offered internally and externally, and filled by the new year.

Dig Safely New York’s new Call Center Supervisor comes from Syracuse, NY. Lynne Elioff has more than 15 years of call center management experience, along with customer service representative experience. Lynne began at Dig Safely New York on January 5, 2015. Her extensive knowledge in 24/7 call center operations and sound leadership qualities will assist to propel the Dig Safely New York Call Center operations forward under the new management.

Jim Flint, Central New York and Mohawk Valley Field Representative will also now be taking on the role of Field Supervisor. Jim has been with the organization since 2003. His leadership skills, field experience, and passion for damage prevention will enhance the communication and quality of education and promotion aspects of the organization and what the field staff can bring to the areas in which Dig Safely New York serves.

The Training and Quality Assurance Department will now be split up into two positions. This will allow the organization to focus on training and quality separately, putting more emphasis and eminence on the service the organization provides its customers. The new CSR/Quality Assurance representative is Kristy Roberts, an 11-year veteran Customer Service Representative at Dig Safety New York. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and customer service skills will assist the organization’s Customer Service Representative in providing exceptional service.

Finally, the Web Service Representative has been filled by Amanda Thompson, who has been with Dig Safely New York for more than 10 years as a Customer Service Representative. Amanda’s personable demeanor and knowledge of Dig Safely New York’s online web services will prove to be an asset to the organization. She will be responsible for Dig Safely New York’s web ticket entry services.