There's a Reason They Call it Dig Safely New York

In 2017, we helped facilitate more than 500,000 safe excavations with location requests through our contact center. On top of that, we trained more than 14,000 excavators on safe digging best practices; we implemented and enhanced technologies and software; continued unique outreach and                                       

awareness programs; and, began moving forward with a new headquarters that will serve as a center for hands-on education and excellence in safe digging best practices. 


As a small nonprofit organization, we view ourselves as partners with utility companies, excavators, communities, property owners, our employees, and our environment. 
For that reason, and to fulfill our mission of damage prevention and safety to the communities in which we serve, we continuously work with our hands, with our heads, with our feet, and with our hearts to enhance the value in which we provide to our members, customers, and the general public.



Like a person’s senses, there are five major things that drive the work we do at Dig Safely New York.

  1. Our understanding of what our mission is. Articulating that.
  2. Our engagement of the excavation community across the state with safe digging best practices. Building the avenues to reach them.
  3. Our insights into what our members and customers want. Naming tomorrow’s needs in light of changes.
  4. Our service to all sectors of industry. Reaching the contractors, engaging the small-project weekend warrior, including the governing laws of Code Rule 753, activating our dedication to our members, advancing with each and every person home safely every night.
  5. Our education and training. We steadily develop new curriculum and programs to engage adult learners, and constantly seek every opportunity to share knowledge on Code Rule 753 and best practices of safe digging. In every region we serve, we do this.


We can no longer be a passive contact center that just takes and transmits data. We must strive to be builders of the future for the excavation industry in education, technology, data analysis, and most importantly – damage prevention. Developing new ways to improve the one-call process and make every stakeholders’ experience an easy, positive one is our responsibility. 


We are more than a nonprofit organization; we are a movement made up of people and working for the people; a living being breathing life into a safety culture.


As we move closer to our 50-year anniversary in 2019, I hope you are proud of the heritage we’ve worked hard to establish through achievements and growth, as this is your triumph as well. The work that the Dig Safely New York staff does must be coupled with the hearts and hands of the volunteer-base within the excavation community. As the Executive Director whom oversees all of this, creating strategies and policies that assure both our lofty goals, our comradery, and our operational efficiency is my top priority. 


A new year always seems to bring about talk of change, growth, and moving forward. 
It offers a refreshing view of the path ahead. As we look to future days, our goal is to grow with integrity and ambition. Here’s to a prosperous 2018. Here we grow. 


Kevin Hopper

Executive Director