Need a Reason to Become a Certified Excavator?

We’ve got some reasons for you.

Becoming a certified excavator means you have the knowledge and expertise in safe digging best practices and Code Rule 753. Let your clients, your colleagues, and your competition know with the Certified Excavator Program (CEP) label on your business or resume. Nothing says “I’m the best” like a third-party endorsement. You and/or your business can use this certification as a brand and extract maximum marketing advantages, including specialized marketing materials Dig Safely New York offers to companies that are certified and display an exemplary level of safety in the field.

Make the sales process about quality, expertise, and results. To many, it’s hard to understand how your work is superior to what they can get from your competitors. Our rigorous in-depth certification training allows you and/or your company to boast expertise and steer conversations away from price tags. This certification will allow you to discuss approach, solutions, and safety expertise to protect your community, your employees, yourself, and customers. Don’t allow your work to be commoditized or your competitive advantage be reduced to an hourly rate.

Even with lower prices and better customer service, consumers need to have confidence in your business. Give them that confidence with this certification. We recognize that more money doesn't necessarily mean more ability. Show your potential employers and customers that you value their best interest – safety.

Set a standard in the industry.