Program Details

Program Details

Transforming One-Call Education

The Dig Safely New York, Inc. Certified Excavator Program in Safe Digging Best Practices is a different way to learn the requirements set forth in New York State Code Rule 753 and the Safe Digging Best Practices that should be used for safe excavation in accordance with the Common Ground Alliance Best Practices. By using experience and actual challenges faced in the field, the course is designed to assist professionals with how to proceed safely and correctly, in spite of the obstacles; because we know that no system is always perfect. There is never complete control in the one-call process by any one (1) party, and therefore, we are teaching professional on how to control how they respond to what they encounter.

The program is an interactive course that may be taken in-person or online. Whether you take the course in-person or online, the course is split-up into three (3) sections.

  1. Introduction, Overview, and Guidelines
    This section is a discussion-based review of the guidelines of the law and best practices for safe digging. The in-person course utilizes an instructor to facilitate discussion, while the online course uses audio/visual components and questions to invoke thought.
  2. Make Your Mark for Safety and Putting Your Knowledge to Work
    Section two (2) is designed to be a group activity for in-person classes. The class walks through designed job scenarios that are likely to be seen in the field. Each scenario has an obstacle that they must determine how to overcome, using their knowledge from their own experiences and from section one(1). We have turned this section into an interactive scenario online, where students receive one (1) scenario to work through, much like a video game. 
  3. Evaluation
    The final section of the course, section three (3), is the exam and evaluation. The exam for both the in-person and online course is taken individually by each class participant using Dig Safely New York's learning management software — 4iQ. By using 4iQ, Dig Safely New York has the capability to collect feedback during all phases of learning, and then leverage it to enhance comprehension and effectiveness. An evaluation of the course is also given to each participant.

Other Information

  • Time: Four (4)-hour course
  • Class size: Limited to 25 participants, per class, to ensure an intimate and enhanced learning environment (in-person course only).
  • Cost: Course fee is $25 per person. This covers the cost of materials, labor, and venue.
  • Provided course materials (in-person course only):
    • iPad(s)
    • Earbud(s)
    • Pen(s)/paper
  • Length of certification: Valid for five (5)-years with free annual renewal.*
  • To explore annual renewal opportunities, click here.

*Certifications are good for five (5)- years as long as the individual successfully attends one (1) free renewal class each year between the year certified and the expiration year. Free renewal classes include any individual/company training requested, any free Excavator Breakfast event, or any of the nine (9) annual Excavator Safety Seminars, hosted each March.