Five Steps to a Safe Excavation

Excavators must take a proactive approach to safety by utilizing the One-Call System and adhering to the following five steps of a safe excavation:

1) Call Before You Dig.

State law requires you to place a location request with Dig Safely New York prior to digging or excavating.

2) Wait the Required Time.

Allow the utilities time to locate your proposed dig site by contacting Dig Safely New York at least 2 and not more than 10 full working days prior to starting your work, not counting the day of your call, weekends, or holidays. Do no begin excavating before your stated commencement date and time.

3) Confirm Utility Response

After Dig Safely New York has notified member utilities of the pending excavation, you are responsible for making sure each operator has responded prior to digging on your stated commencement date.

4) Respect the Marks.

Familiarize yourself with the markings and the locations of buried facilities at the site prior to excavation.

5) Dig With Care.

Dig test holes to verify location, type, size, direction-of-run, and depth of the marked facility.