Service Area Map Release Form

This form is to be used by member utilities to request their updated service area map to be activated.  All changes will be completed as soon as possible, usually within two to three business days. If there is an issue with activating your map, you will be contacted directly by member support.

A confirmation of the activation will be sent by the email address you provided on your form. Your changes are not valid until your receive a confirmation from member support. If you do not receive a confirmation within ten business days or your request, contact member support directly 800-309-8289.

For accurate coverage, it is important to provide updates to your service area as they occur.

It is important you do not make any other updates to the service area map until after you receive a confirmation from your last update.

When filling out the form, please keep in mind we need the service area code, is you are unsure it will be listed at the top of one of the tickets you receive. We also need the Version number (not the registration number).

If you have multiple service areas to update, a separate form will need to be filled out for each service area.