Map Change Detection

1. Log into your web account.

2. From the drop-down menu under Administration on the menu bar, choose Registration.

3. The Registrations By Service Area window will open. From the list of all your service areas, left click on the Registration ID of the active service area. 

4. The Registration Information window will open. Left click on the View Map button to open the map of your active service area.

5. This will open a map that contains all of your service areas. From the tool bar on top of the map, choose Review Service Area Recommendations. This will open the Review Service Area Changes Recommendations window. 

6. The Review Service Area Changes Recommendations window contains all the proposed changes to your service areas, due to updates to the system maps. Your service areas are grouped together by counties and are listed by each location in a table below.

7. To select a location, double click on it.

8. The map will change to show the selected service area change. The proposed change will be filled in red. Choose either Approve or Reject below in the Review Service Area Changes Recommendations window. If a change to the proposed service area is required, Approve the change and edit the service area after the new maps go live. Service area changes that have been approved will change from red to green on the map. Changes that are rejected will be yellow.

9. When the proposed changes to your service areas have been reviewed, log out of the web system.