Entering a Dispostion

Visit the Dig Safely New York, Inc. website www.digsafelynewyork.com  In the Utilities and Operators section click on the Enter Your Ticket Response button.


To Avoid Late Ticket Charges:

Respond to Regular notice tickets by the start date and time listed on the ticket, the start time is a factor.

Respond to all tickets, even if your company is the one that called them in.

Respond even if you believe the area is outside of your service area. If you receive a lot of tickets outside of your area you may want to look into updating the service area map.


Enter your Username and Password, and then click the Login button

Select Ticket on the tool bar and then select the Positive Response option



To pull the list of tickets- There are two different options to look up tickets, option 2 may be more useful as it allows up to 200 open tickets to be viewed at one time.


Option 1 Ticket ID-The Ticket ID option will be useful If you know the ticket number and wish to enter your responses one at a time. Click in the circle located next to Ticket ID, enter your eleven digit ticket number using dashes (xxxxx-xxx-xxx), then select the Find Ticket button.



The Ticket will appear and you will be able to enter your response (see instructions for entering a response)


Option 2 Advanced- The Advanced option will allow you to pull up a group of tickets using multiple fields.

You may pull your list by the Service area. This feature is useful if you maintain more than one service area.

You may also search for the top 200 open or closed tickets by date.

Click in the Top 200 Open Tickets Only box to find tickets needing a response.

Unclick the Top 200 Open Tickets Only to find tickets already responded too.

Using By Date, tickets may be found by the Creation Date or by the Response Due Date.

After the search criteria has been selected, click the Search button, a list of tickets will appear, select a ticket to view.



Entering Dispositions (Responses) - After the list of tickets has been pulled, you will need to enter their dispositions.

The basic Dig Site Information and Excavator contact information is listed, to view the entire ticket for specific information, select View Ticket Text. To View other responses, select View All Responses.


To enter responses, choose a code number from the Available Responses list. Enter the code number into the New Response box,   a box is available to use if there is an additional comment to be made. Enter the comment in the New Comment box. If only one ticket is being responded too, click on the Save Response button. If responding to more than one ticket click on the Save and Close Response button to go back to the list of tickets.


  • Please be advised, excavators without web access will be using the phone to hear their responses. Excavators using the phone will not receive the comments.
  • It is also the responsibility of the facility operator to contact the excavator directly if a change to the response has been made.





For assistance please contact Member Support by phone, 800-309-8289 or by email database@digsafelynewyork.com