Utility Response

Two-way communication is required for a successful stakeout. Each facility operator identified during the One-Call Process is required to respond to the excavator prior to the stated commencement date. If the excavator receives no response, the facility owner should be contacted. Otherwise, Dig Safely New York can re-issue the location request, indicating the need for a positive response from a specific facility operator.

After each member utility clears or marks an excavation site, the member enters the result into the Dig Safely New York Automated Positive Response (APR) System for the following reasons:

  1. Positive response from the utility is required by law.
  2. The excavator, by law, is not allowed to start the excavation until all utilities notified by Dig Safely New York have responded.
  3. The excavator can use the results to account for the markings that should be at the site.
  4. If the site is clear, there are no markings to tell the excavator whether the utility has responded.
  5. Even if there are markings, the excavator cannot tell if the stakeout was completed or interrupted by an emergency somewhere else, or if all markings are intact.

Automated Positive Response

APR establishes a single point of contact between member operators and excavators for communicating the status of an excavation location request as provided by the member operators.

1. Excavator calls or enters a location request online.
2. Call center processes the location request and dispatches the location information to each member facility operator involved.
3. Member facility operators deliver a positive response status message to Dig Safely New York’s APR system.
4. Excavator receives a consolidated positive response status message from all facility operators from Dig Safely New York’s APR system. Excavators can also retrieve real-time response status 24 hours a day online at www.digsafelynewyork.com/apr or by calling a toll free number.

For more details regarding the APR system, review the APR brochure.