Search Requests

To create a search request, please provide the following information:

This will be an 11 digit number with some dashes in it - for example, 04289-168-031. Note that there may be a two-digit revision number attached to it.
Ticket Number Unknown
If ticket number(s) are not known, please include the following information.
If not known, please enter "UNKNOWN"
Enter the actual LEGAL municipality. NOT the mailing address.

If you are not a Member Utility of Dig Safely New York, there is a $25.00 dollar fee for the execution of each search. This fee is payable by check only, made out to Dig Safely New York.

Please mail this along with a copy of all above information to:

Dig Safely New York
ATTN: Search Dept
6706 Collamer Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057