Resetting a Password

Dig Safely New York does not keep our user’s passwords on file. If you do not remember your password or you want to change the one we originally assigned to you, follow these simple instructions.


  • Go to log in page and click the Forgot your password?
  • Enter your username and the email address associated with your username and click the Reset button.
  • A temporary password will be sent to your email from

If you do not receive your temporary password, check your spam or trash folder.

  • Enter the temporary password and click the Log In button. You will need to enter the temporary password in the Old Password box.  
  • In the Password box, create your own password. Enter your new password once more in the Confirm Password box and click the Save button.

Don’t remember your username?

Send a request for your username to

To get you to the correct department, please include your name, company name, contact information and if your username is for updating a service area map, responding to tickets or for entering tickets


Should you save your username and password on your computer?

This is up to you as the user. But we would advise, if you do save your password be sure to remember your password. Anytime there is a system update to a program there is always the chance your password will not be recognized after the update.