Updating an Existing Service Area Map (Import)

When importing is used to create a service area map, a new import will need to be used each time.

Importing Files

  2. Enter Username and Password, select Administration on the tool bar
  3. Select Registration and then select the Add New button
  4. When the window appears, select IMPORT REGISTRATION
  5. Review the importing field requirements information and then insert your files into the appropriate boxes.
  6. Scroll down and click the Save button 

To Activate the Map

  • Once you have finished creating the map, you will need to request the release of your map into production by emailing member support, database@digsafelynewyork.com
  • Your selections will remain in pending mode until we have received your request for release of your map.
  • Once member support has reviewed and activated the map, member support will send a follow up email.
  • It is important that you once again review your map and verify that the changes have been activated after receiving the email.